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Orb Magic LLC Welcomes Everyone

$125 90 mins Trance Channel Evidential Mediumship (often w/spirit photography)

All Appointments are Central Standard Time Zone (As of February 2023)

PayPal & all major cards accepted through the website. When booking private group gatherings, PLEASE NOTE I LIVE IN THE MIDWEST AREA. Will travel within a reasonable time frame.

NO PAYMENT REQUIRED UNTIL THE DAY OF THE READING OR AFTER & ONLY if we make an evidential connection for one-to-one appointments.

Payments requested (but not required) BEFORE Private Group Gatherings to hold date/time. 

REFUND POLICY: No refunds AFTER payment is submitted for private readings (unless absolutely necessary or absolutely no evidence was ablet o be provided through the connection). Refunds will be given if you cannot make it to a public gathering and/or a ticket will be offered for the next gathering at that or another location. Orb Magic desires for all to be completely satisfied with their readings, but often the spirit world will not answers all of your questions nor are they permitted to make future predictions related to your specific requests, for example. Evidence is given that can be verified by the sitter depending on the medium's vibrations & trance state that day. Each soul in Spirit has to learn how to meld with the energy of a trance medium & vice versa.

All sittings will take place virtually or in a safe, public environment as agreed upon by Orb Magic & client(s). No-one under 18 years of age unless agreed upon by Orb Magic LLC & a parent or guardian.


"The products and services offered through this website do not and should not replace medical or psychological support from licensed professionals. Talk to your physician for referrals to appropriate specialists for any medical or psychological diagnoses and related. Always seek support from licensed professionals when appropriate."

All sittings/readings are done with the utmost confidentiality & privacy & to the best of my abilities as much as Orb Magic, LLC is capable using a private Wix business account, Avast Security, a private business Zoom account & related electronic & other privacy measures. Please, NO minors unless accompanied by an adult. Thank you. In person or over Zoom preferred for readings. Phone appts available if necessary.

Website: Christina Rawls PhD

Legal: Dorothenia Nicholson JD

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