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In Virginia Hummel’s Orbs and the Afterlife, Virginia, fellow orb
medium, asked Suzanne Giesemann’s group of guides, Sanaya,
about the orbs. This is what they said. “An orb is evidence of life. It
carries the energy of life itself...Orbs are sentient beings if you wish to
call them beings, coalescing energy that can form and dissolve at will
for your enjoyment and for the lessons placed there by higher
consciousness. But they are fully conscious and sentient themselves.
How do you like that? Like the cells in your body, your cells are all

conscious. They are orderly and have their own system.”

"...most of these ORBS are circular and that depicts sometimes you will see little faces within those orbs.

We are beings of light coming to visit you." ~Jonathan, channeled by Elaine Thorpe

" would be neither logical nor responsible at this stage to dismiss all orb phenomena as due to mechanisms such as stray reflections.” (TOP 11) Ledwith and Heinemann conclude, “The orb phenomenon may turn out to be one of the most remarkable things we have met so far, not just for what it may be in itself, but more importantly, for what light it might shed on the human race’s attempts to understand itself

and where it fits into the cosmos.” ~The Orb Project

"Anyone who hasn't read [The Orb Project] has no business criticizing the validity of paranormal orbs."

~Bobby J. Gallo

All photos the property of Christina D. Rawls

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