• Trance Channel Evidential Readings

    1 hr 30 min

  • Small group mediumship gatherings including trance figuration sessions

    3 hr

    $300 per sm group

"She brought in my grand mother and gave me evidence on things only a few people knew. Sensitive information. I'm so grateful. You have a wonderful Spirit about you and a true gifted medium." ~E.Q.

"I heard about Dr. Christina through Alison DuBois. Her survival story and apparent joy made a heart connection with me. I signed up for a sitting and she was able to share evidence based information on 4 souls across the veil. She captured their essences (personalities, senses of humor, styles of clothing), and special messages. She also brought through words of encouragement from an Archangel that confirmed the same exact message from a few days before by a Stanford medical doctor. Her humility, grace, sense of humor and generosity are truly a gift!"

~Kim R.

"Christina's background as a counselor, philosopher, orb photographer, and medium is a wonderful culmination that has brought her incredible book "The Technological Age and the Orb Phenomenon" to fruition. I have experienced Christina's orb photography and mediumship first hand and have found it to be comforting and healing. As a counselor, I can see Christina's ability to share this spiritual and scientific evidence in her book and with her clients during readings will also be helpful to others."

~Allison West Kaskey, Ed.S., LPCC-S

"As I reflect on my reading with Christina this past Sunday I realized how comfortable I felt with her. A gentleman in spirit came forward that I wasn't acquainted with, I was happy to meet him.  He was my roommate's Father. He brought to light unanswered questions. My Mom brought a message of Love and suggested we all pray more. She also gave specific evidence about a private joke that I had used a funny fake name recently when meeting new friends that Christina had no knowledge of. What pleased me most was that my dog  MeToo and Christina telepathically communicated.  MeToo seemed to know intuitively when the reading ended after Christina kindly asked him to allow us the time to complete the reading. And of course we got orbs.

Thank you Christina."

~Beverly Jacobs, Ohio, August 2021

"Christina is a powerful evidential trance medium! The many confirmations of things she wouldn’t otherwise know reassured me that the messages were genuinely from Spirit. So many messages brought me hope and clarity. Several times I cried with joy/relief. I also enjoyed the humor that the spirits brought through! Moreover, many synchronicities occurred during our session. By the end of it my own third eye opened and I was having premonitions of what was about to be said and happen a few seconds/minutes later! So Christina’s dedicated focus on channeling obviously helped me tap into the Field/Akashic Records as well. Much love and gratitude to Christina."

~Andrew Scott, Ash Mystic, Ohio

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"Dr. Christina Rawls is clear as a bell when she works with her orb research. Her photos are real. You can see her photos in her new book; the best photos are in her eBook. People have experienced her ability to connect as an evidential medium. She also clearly recognized my brother, Shane, who died of Covid-19 last year. She recognized his illness and described his failing body and individual progression as we watched him pass. I have watched her bloom as her metaphysical abilities and trance mediumship have begun to develop more this year. She is pleasant to work with and has a jolly nature. She is someone to watch as she progresses through her journey!"

~Kathleen Cotter Lloyd, Minnesota

Artist, Medium, Spirit Photographer