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"It was clear the medium had my Aunt with her. She described her personality very accurately... 

Evidence included personality traits, mannerisms, birth month, names of living loved ones,

and relationships that exist on both sides of the veil. She captured her 'essence'...and gave a beautiful

message." ~Charlene H.

"My goodness - SO many people came through, it was amazing! She was able to accurately connect me to my paternal grandmother, who was a poised and polished woman with many spiritual gifts, including helping those who are transitioned and trying to navigate the spirit world and connecting to us on this plane. To that end, my grandmother and Christina were able to connect me to my cousin, who passed in his 30's. My grandfather came through, and my dear friend Kendra, who passed in her 30's from breast cancer." -Anji

"We are a group of 5 women who were college roommates 50 years ago., and at our recent reunion, we had the privilege of having a session with Christina. It was fantastic! Christina is professional, kind, witty and caring. We cried and smiled and laughed. It was a wonderful healing experience." ~Marcy

Unexpected YouTube Review! Thank you with all my heart.


"What amazed me most is that I reached out to her to do a reading for my son, he's been through some very traumatic things in his young life, but she worked very hard to make sure she got a reading in for him before he was to deploy. This was a complete inconvenience on her end to be honest. She worked very hard to make this reading happen. Let me tell you she did not disappoint! She knew so much! My son is in special ops and the things he has been through no one could possibly know the things she knew! The amount of clarity and transparency was incredible! I'm forever grateful to have had this experience! She truly is an amazing soul that cares deeply and connects emotionally!" ~Meg


"Christina, you brought through both my Grandfather & my Father with an abundance of evidence... You have such a bright, beautiful soul full of love & light... Thank you for helping me feel relaxed..." ~Angela  

"I had a wonderful initial reading with Christina who connected beautifully with my son in Spirit. He was with her prior to the reading and helped her pick out a necklace to wear on the zoom call. Low and behold, it was the same necklace I had in my jewelry box! You can’t make this stuff up! There was also a sweet connection to my grandparents in Spirit- No doubt of Christina’s ability to connect beyond the veil! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me!" ~Christine M., Helping Parents Heal, Ohio

"Christina, you exude love, empathy, and compassion and I feel this can only help your readings. Some readings come off as dry, kinda like reading a list of evidence about the loved one. Yours is full of life. Thank you for connecting me with my grandfather!" ~DH

"I am truly uplifted! I have closure for first time in 7 years! The most powerful

experience I have ever had! I felt so much love and peace!" ~Mindy H.

"Christina connected with my father with several pieces of evidence, including his and 

my brother's shared name (John), and a message for my sister regarding her

disabled son... Thank you so much for a wonderful reading..." ~Debbie I.

"Christina is a delightful trance medium whom really allowed her guides to lead the session. Her guides provided a beautiful flow of information that validated my family and my memories of their Love. She was able to give specific details from my interactions with my family members. I left the session feeling as though I was surrounded by my family." 

"She brought in my grandmother and gave me evidence on things only a few people knew. Sensitive information. I'm so grateful. You have a wonderful Spirit about you and a true gifted medium." ~E.Q.

"Spending time with Christina was an uplifting and validating experience that strengthened and informed my spiritual connections to my ancestors. The evidential nature of the exchanges further honored my cultural legacy and eternal bond with my loved ones - those who are here and those with whom I will reunite one day. Thank you, Christina, for your light, and for the respectful and caring ways you nurtured the space to create such a meaningful experience. My gratitude abounds!" ~Monique R. 


"If you are interested in a reading from a true evidential trance medium, Christina is your lady. She gave me a reading that changed my life and I’ll forever be grateful for the healing and love she gifted me with."

~Tori S.

"My dad's humor and gentleness and my mom's common sense practicality were spot on! And their love for each other and for me. I loved the image of my mom threading the needle of energy between worlds..." ~BF

"Dr. Chris is legit! Her ancestor connection shares are very gentle yet incredibly profound. She described a grandmother of mine showing herself wearing a dark, wine-red skirt; Her name happens to be Ruby. There were so many other ways information that came through... ~Meghan

"The excitement level of my channeled reading from Christina is off the charts. I was just blown away. I gave Christina my wish list of who I'd like to hear from. She channeled a few ascended Masters, my aunt and my father-in-law. They were lining up to give messages... My husband's father had business information from a different perspective and showed his wonderful sense of humor.  My aunt spoke to me about my mother's journey and how they are easing her mind about passing. (She's 103). It really filled my soul with more joy and optimism about my mediumship adventure and expansion. This is my second reading with Christina and she is a force of nature. She has such delightful energy and she's mesmerizing to watch... There was so much evidence and confirmations about what I already knew and felt, plus so many surprises and suggestions, I'd need a full sheet of paper. Book this woman. Her talents are endless!"

  ~Barbra B.

"Thank you for being so open and friendly. You have an amazing energy and made me feel so comfortable around you... Thank you for bringing through my grandfather, it was really nice getting to hear from him. Thank you for an amazing session! ~Rachael

"Thank you, Christina for the beautiful photos of orbs! My heart is overjoyed! You've opened up a new pathway for me to explore. The reading you gave me was so uplifting... Thank you for your gift." ~Dree

"I heard about Dr. Christina through Alison DuBois. Her survival story and apparent joy made a heart connection with me. I signed up for a sitting and she was able to share evidence based information on 4 souls across the veil. She captured their essences (personalities, senses of humor, styles of clothing), and special messages. She also brought through words of encouragement from an Archangel that confirmed the same exact message from a few days before by a Stanford medical doctor. Her humility, grace, sense of humor and generosity are truly a gift!"

~Kim R.

"Christina, you have a great gift and I reaped a great, enlightening benefit from that today. I can only send you my respect and my gratitude. In addition to a masterful reading, you showed me how a fine medium can bring healing and life-changing answers into the physical world. I won't forget this experience and I will strive to do the same for others. Many thanks! ~Fellow Evidential Medium

"Christina's background as a counselor, philosopher, orb photographer, and medium is a wonderful culmination that has brought her incredible book "The Technological Age and the Orb Phenomenon" to fruition. I have experienced Christina's orb photography and mediumship first hand and have found it to be comforting and healing. As a counselor, I can see Christina's ability to share this spiritual and scientific evidence in her book and with her clients during readings will also be helpful to others."

~Allison West Kaskey, Ed.S., LPCC-S

"Christina is a gifted trance medium whose compassion, accessibility and accuracy is incredible. She is very warm and humble, intentionally creating a welcoming and gentle experience while providing an incredible service. During my session she brought through 3 family members and my beloved in ways that were unmistakably them. She began the session with a check in, lifting and showing me a book that she had been directed to. I did, indeed, have the exact book in my library. Further, the book cover had a blue butterfly prominently displayed. Prior to transitioning, my beloved told me to look for blue butterflies as a sign that she was close and making contact.Throughout the session with Christina Rawls, I had a deep knowing and sweetness that I was rejoined with those I loved from through the veil. A beautiful, healing experience. Thank you, Christina!" ~Romie

"As I reflect on my reading with Christina this past Sunday I realized how comfortable I felt with her. A gentleman in spirit came forward that I wasn't acquainted with, I was happy to meet him.  He was my roommate's Father. He brought to light unanswered questions. My Mom brought a message of Love and suggested we all pray more. She also gave specific evidence about a private joke that I had used a funny fake name recently when meeting new friends that Christina had no knowledge of. What pleased me most was that my dog  MeToo and Christina telepathically communicated.  MeToo seemed to know intuitively when the reading ended after Christina kindly asked him to allow us the time to complete the reading. And of course we got orbs. Thank you Christina."

~Beverly, Ohio, August 2021

"Christina is a powerful evidential trance medium! The many confirmations of things she wouldn’t otherwise know reassured me that the messages were genuinely from Spirit. So many messages brought me hope and clarity. Several times I cried with joy/relief. I also enjoyed the humor that the spirits brought through! Moreover, many synchronicities occurred during our session. By the end of it my own third eye opened and I was having premonitions of what was about to be said and happen a few seconds/minutes later! So Christina’s dedicated focus on channeling obviously helped me tap into the Field/Akashic Records as well. Much love and gratitude to Christina."

~Andrew Scott, Ohio

Spiritual Guidance, Tools & Art | Ash Mystic

"Dr. Christina Rawls is clear as a bell when she works with her orb research. Her photos are real. You can see her photos in her new book; the best photos are in her eBook. People have experienced her ability to connect as an evidential medium. She also clearly recognized my brother, Shane, who died of Covid-19 last year. She recognized his illness and described his failing body and individual progression as we watched him pass. I have watched her bloom as her metaphysical abilities and trance mediumship have begun to develop more this year. She is pleasant to work with and has a jolly nature. She is someone to watch as she progresses through her journey!"

~Kathleen Cotter Lloyd, Minnesota, Artist, Medium, Spirit Photographer


"The guide I hoped most to hear from was Mother Mary and my parents. Christina connected with all three of them, and my best friend, Sandy. She captured their personalities, relationship dynamics and mannerisms perfectly, and provided enough evidence that I am confident of the connection we made. She even brought through images from a dream I'd had the night before that related to the place that Sandy and I had grown up, in the midwest, although we didn't meet until years later, quite randomly, in California. She said my father would help me "with words" to write/revise my book (which she saw before I mentioned it), and my mother would help by bringing in Mother Mary and synchronous events that would support me on my path. The most helpful aspect of my reading was hearing my mother is ready and wants to be a mother to me now. To know that she is assisting me, wants to support me in my vocation, and facilitates contact with my guide, Mother Mary, is very healing. (Conversely, I've felt my dad all along - he's always been great at bringing through symbols when I ask for them, and he came through clearly in this reading, too - and I enjoyed the banter and playfulness between my parents which really fit). Thank you, Christina! 

~Alisa Moore, "Behind the Scenes: How the Universe Conspires to Support Us" 


"Christina brought through my father, aunt, and eventually my mother... My aunt was able to guide Christina into bringing forth my mother and nearly had her name correct... You captured the personalities of and specifics for everyone who came through. Thank you!"


"I just wanted to thank you for an incredibly healing session for participants at the meeting. [Judy] in the wheelchair, is up and walking the next day. [Barb] with the lower back pain is feeling less pain. I was able to heal a strong sadness that was with me all day since my wife went off and didn't share about a date she had planned. [Linda] was obviously helped a lot with the overdose of her daughter 5 years ago. It is wonderful to help others heal themselves. You [and Spirit with Spirit team] provide an excellent experience that allows others to do that healing they so much need. ~Love&Light, Stephen D.

Ps- I have not gone even a day without wearing suspenders in the last year. It touched my heart to hear from balding Brad, one of my two best high school friends, both having crossed over." 

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