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Is there a way to express in words how excited & happy I am to be here with you during one of the most profound times in human & planetary history? Yes, there is much that is happening to us & our planet that is absolutely terrible, no doubt, but the question is how are each of us going to handle it & what can we do to help? I was a Philosophy professor for almost 15 years, FT the last 5 years leading up to Spring 2021 when I decided to follow my heart, leave academia & be the evidential medium I am. Having a calling as a medium is about healing, it is about helping others, it is about love & evidence that life goes on after physical death. It is about communicating with loved ones across the veil & much more. We have real souls & we are all made of love. There is plenty of real science about evidential mediumship, trance channeling & spirit photography or trance figuration, for example, all of which I can demonstrate & that I use to help others connect.

I have always had various types of supernatural (supernormal) psi experiences since birth, having my first NDE (I am told) on the day I was born. At 5 years old I had an experience with a past life memory of being a professional baseball player in my most recent past life. As I grew older, I continued to have multiple psi experiences, often discussing them with or "reading" for friends, family & strangers. My undergraduate philosophy thesis in 1998-99 was on the aesthetic theory of Martin Heidegger, AI, fractal geometry & human intuition. My Master's thesis in 2002-04 was on the philosopher Henri Bergson's Matter & Memory & the fact that human consciousness has the property of extension, human intuition (again), synchronicities & more. By the time I was a doctoral student in philosophy, I was carrying around Plato & Spinoza as much as the biographies of Edgar Cayce & Peter Hurkos, well known American mediums of the past century. In 2021, I studied with the Arthur Findlay College in the UK in an intensive 2 day workshop for advanced mediums & much more. It's been one year since I began ORB MAGIC LLC & my client testimonials speak for themselves. It is about the loving, healing connections made & peace of mind knowing physical death is not a final end, not in the least. And this can be proven.

Since 2007, I have been aware of ORBS in photographs, or what physicist Dr. Klaus Heinemann & his research partners call "spirit emanations." They exploded for me in almost all my photos in 2011. Orbs appear on film for me with repeatability & you can learn how to get them too! I gave a talk on the orbs at the 5th annual Exploring the Extraordinary conference in the UK in 2011 & more recently with the Friends of IANDS in December 2020, although hesitating to say I felt they were spirits at the time. In early 2021, after being renewed for several years in my FT position as a professor, I was offered part time employment at half salary to stay in academia when it became apparent I was leaving due to the systematic harassment. I decided to start NEW chapters, leaving a 65K/yr position (not easy) & a profession as a professor about to become TT behind. I had been teaching many courses for Roger Williams University for 4 years (more than the usual professor) & publishing with others philosophers. I miss teaching & the students, but the work I now do as a medium is just as valuable & infinitely rewarding. It's a part of my soul's path.


I moved back to NE Ohio by May 2021 & was supported to start my private practice by many. I used some retirement to sign up for advanced mediumship workshops after having also practiced with other seasoned evidential mediums & to write a book (or two) on spirit photography. I also sat with & learned from author, mystic & evidential medium, Suzanne Giesemann, over the years. She is a great teacher with many mediums who was once a high ranking U.S. Navy Commander. In the past few years, I have grown not only Orb Magic, but also as a physical trance medium, writing 3 small orb & trance figuration eBooks. Most importantly, I have helped many connect with their loved ones "across the veil." There are a few podcasts about these new chapters on Anchor & on my website, including interviews with world renowned mental & physical mediums Kai Muegge (Germany) & Allison DuBois of the TV series MEDIUM (United States), as well as Tania Berg of Life Continuing podcast & with my medium mentor of over a decade, Kathleen Cotter Lloyd. In 2022, I presented a live spirit photography demonstration with IANDS at their annual conference. Many spirit orbs showed up for those present that day!

My mental mediumship turned into trance channeling (unexpectedly) & I made the choice to pursue more physical mediumship (spirit photography is also a type of physical mediumship) with the help of other professional mediums & with the utmost gratitude, such as my mentor Kathleen, physical phenomena mediums Mychael Shane & Warren Caylor & I was given helpful notes of support & guidance from Stewart Alexander, Kai Muegge, Deborah Lynn Katz & Isabelle Duchene. I have witnessed & received direct apports from the Ascended Masters through physical mediums Bill Boldt & Mychael Shane. Recently, I had the humble, beautiful experience of "sitting in the cabinet" for the first time with Mychael & his student Julie Adriani in Chicago with other students of physical mediumship. An honor. And now VERYSOUL is about to launch publicly too! I have been practicing with them & other mediums they have recruited since early April 2022.


In several group physical phenomena manifestation demonstrations, as well as private readings in 2021, I was told to not let those who misunderstand me lower my vibrations, to keep pushing forward no matter what with this work, to continue to believe in myself & how I can help others as an evidential trance channel medium & to keep publishing the spirit photography books! I was also told to remain as humble & peaceful as possible. I work on this daily. We all are supported in such ways! I work on developing the trance & physical mediumship in red light & the spirit trance figuration photography is also progressing. There is a long history of red light physical mediumship being used to help others connect with those across the veil in legitimate publications, such as the memoir of Stewart Alexander or introductory mental & physical mediumship work by Dr. Susan Barnes or on the life of Alec Harris, my favorite. I can demonstrate the orbs on film with repeatability. There are many beautiful spirit photos in my eBooks.

As a former philosophy professor & forever a student (MA West Chester University 2004, PhD Duquesne University 2015), I have studied, thought about & taught some of the greatest thinkers & systems, East & West, from Plato & Empedocles to Spinoza & William James. I had much success & plenty of failures on my journey. Having survived the incomprehensible (more than once) & many challenges in this life, including becoming a philosophy professor with several learning differences that have only recently started to be understood by language specialists, I am ready to be more of myself as an evidential medium & help as many as I can. Here's the best part: Anyone can access their own supernormal abilities with intention, patience, love & understanding! Just look at all the amazing work now being done through places like Helping Parents Heal as another example. This is not only about giving people "hope." It is about legitimately & evidentially providing substantial connections between the material world & the spiritual dimension where human souls go on just fine after physical human death & with joy.

We are living through an awakening, a paradigm shift, with many credible sources, including peer reviewed scientific experiments on psi abilities. Yet, I did not get here alone. I had infinite support over the years in so many ways. I went from a full time academic position in a beautiful location with some great colleagues & students, a wonderful cottage on the ocean in Warren, Rhode Island & a career taking off after many years of struggle, work & growth, to knowing I had to be more of my medium self somehow, some way, while also challenging those who continued to harass me. I know who I am. I will continue to prove & improve who I am & help others using my psi abilities. We all have FREE WILL, it is natural law & it stays with us after we cross over. We are ALL made of ENERGY & LOVE. There is ample credible evidence for life going on after physical death, but experiencing it for yourself, such as in a seance or with Yuwipi shaking tent healing ceremonies or in a loving, evidential, beautiful mediumship reading can be life changing.

I left a solid career in Philosophy so I could assist others with healing from grief, continued understanding & learning about orb spirit emanations. I made the changes for love, including self love & awareness, for even more learning & healing. I turned the page for more freedom & to use my gifts to help others heal, connect to their post-material loved ones in beautiful encounters between two worlds. With wonder, creativity & care, may we all open up more to the Truth of the Greater Reality. There are no secrets with Spirit, but there is also no judgment. All is love & learning & soul progression. All is continued understanding. All is about learning & connection, but the spirits & our higher self (our main spirit guide) also love to experiment too! Why? Because they are still alive & well. Knowledge is infinite. Love is the answer. Let's do this! ~Namaste.



"What reply can be given to such definite statements as these here enumerated by reputable witnesses in every grade of life? Every reader with an open mind will agree that the evidence for the reality of psychic photography is overwhelming."

~ Arthur Conan Doyle

The Case for Spirit Photography