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"So you have a blank canvas ahead of you. I congratulate you on your courage for sharing what you know as truth.

~Suzanne Giesemann

Former U.S. Navy Commander, Evidential Mental & Trance Channel Medium

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"Our experience was wonderful! We were hoping to hear from a friend who passed away and undoubtedly she came through. The messages were very clear and made our experience fun and lighthearted. I recommend Christina to all of my friends and family members!" ~Kel April 2022

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful May 22 event! Next virtual energetic gathering soon!

2 Spirit Photography eBooks $9.99 (many spirit photos, links below)

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We have entered a major paradigm shift. Science can now be used to prove the survival of consciousness after physical death.

My first solo book, The Technological Age & the Orb Phenomenon, is available through Gatekeeper Press, on Amazon & more! It is a book about spirit photography & orbs (eBook best quality photos & price). See some special reviews below! 

NEW ORB eBOOK!! ($9.99)


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“Although I had personally investigated most areas of parapsychology and survival research, I knew nothing about orbs until I met Christina. When I looked at her photos carefully, I was a amazed to see that the orbs were not mere blobs of light, but that they had an internal structure, sometimes faces, sometimes geometrical patterns. I now believe that orb phenomena, instead of being at the periphery of parapsychological research, needs to be scientifically studied in depth. Christina’s delightful book is a step in that direction.

Readers should know that Christina had the courage to relinquish an academic position teaching Philosophy in order to pursue orb photography and to develop her skills as an evidential medium. This is her first book and I hope it will lead to many more.”

                                                                           Neal Grossman, PhD



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$100  1 hr+ for face-to-face or virtual trance channel evidential readings (w/possible spirit photography on day/time of appt. if requested).


I am based in Ohio but will travel. Please, no minors unless accompanied by an adult. Thank you kindly.

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